White Pearl Shrimp Care Sheet (Neocaridina cf Zhangjiajiensis)

A very elegant variation of neocaridina takes the name of White Pearl, or Snowball shrimp, after its coloration which varies from light gray to very white (especially in female specimens). These shrimp, whose scientific name is Neocaridina cf Zhangjiajie, are originally from Southern China where they are bred in large quantities. They are very adaptable to different environments and easy to keep.

Neocaridina cf Zhangjiajiensis Shrimp Caresheet

Size: 1-1.5 inches (2-3 cm)
Color:Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, White
Behavior: They are very peaceful yet very voracious and on a never-ending quest for food
Aquarium:5+ gallons (15+ liters) cycled tank
Water:pH of 6.2-7.8, prefer medium-hard water with plenty of minerals
Temperature: 65-85°F (20-28°C)

White Pearl Shrimp main characteristics and behavior

These shrimp usually position themselves near the bottom of the aquarium, hiding between plants: they love to feed on algae and fish food, such as leftover pellets dissolved in the water and spirulina flakes.

Neocaridina are very social and gregarious animals, they tend to create flocks in the tank. They will get along easily with other fish in the tank but due to their size it is better if there are no aggressive fish or large crustaceans, who may prey on them. Their behaviour is about the same as the “parent” red cherry color varation.

Color enhancing shrimp food

Brown, Red, Orange, YellowRedBlack, BlueWhite, Grey, Transparent

White Pearl Shrimp aquarium tank setup

Small aquariums of 5+ gallons (around 20 liters) are sufficient, with pH parameters that can vary from 6.5 to 8, soft or slightly hard water, and temperature in a range between 65-85°F (20°C to 28°C), these creatures are really adaptable and easy to keep happy. They prefer a classic setting, with moss and many supports and supports, after being able to attack and where the newborn babies will certainly find food and safety. The White Pearl neocaridina are easy to manage, their breeding is recommended even for beginners: they are docile animals and very adaptable to the environment. White Pearls are amongst the easiest species of shrimp to breed, berried females lay white eggs which hatch after about twenty days (with minor variations based on water parameters). Whenever you attempt to breed neocaridinas remember that inter-breeding different colorations may result in the offspring reverting to their wild appearance with a brownish color.

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