Tiger Shrimp Care Sheet (Caridina Cantonensis)

The Caridina cantonensis is a tiny striped shrimp originary from Taiwan. It has become a rather common guest in aquarium tanks worldwide and comes in three color variations: the orange Wild Tiger Shrimp, the Blue Tiger Shrimp and the Black Tiger Shrimp.

Caridina Cantonensis Shrimp Keep Caresheet

Size: 1-1.5 inches (2-3 cm)
Color:Orange, Black, Blue with “tiger” stripes
Behavior: They are very peaceful yet very voracious and on a never-ending quest for food
Aquarium:15+ gallons (50+ liters) cycled tank
Water:pH of 6.0-7.2, prefer soft water
Temperature: 65-75°F (18-23°C)

Tiger Shrimp main characteristics

This tiny shrimp are quite entertaining and easy to keep. They tend to mind their own business and get along well with pretty much any other species of dwarf shrimp, with few exceptions. They can be quite active foraging for food although they don’t have the same reputation as the Amano in terms of restlessness.

Tiger Shrimp nutrition

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Like many other dwarf shrimp, the caridina cantonensis diet involves large amounts of algae, making them ideal tank cleaners. On top of that, you can feed them pretty much any type of fish food or blanched vegetable.

Ideal water conditions and environment

Tiger shrimp love soft, slightly acidic water, although adults can easily adapt to higher levels of TDS and more alkalinity. Just keep in mind that under less than ideal conditions they may not breed.

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