Freshwater Shrimp Species Care Sheets

Total Dissolved Solids Shrimp Tank

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in your shrimp tank

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is a measure of all the organic and inorganic content dissolved in water, including mineral salts, plant matter and waste from fish and other microorganisms. TDS, together with pH, KH and GH, is an important factor to take into account when assessing the quality of your...

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Shrimp Cleaning Squad

Best tank cleaner shrimp for your freshwater aquarium

Many species of freshwater shrimps are especially good as tank cleaners, as they feed on algae, plant matter and other sediments, obsessively scouting their environment until they have no more to eat. Having a small team of shrimp in your aquarium will ensure it never gets too dirty or overridden...

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shrimp affected by white ring of death

White Ring of Death in shrimp: signs and prevention

A well-known phenomenon in the shrimp keeping hobby is the infamous “white ring of death” (WROD) (sometimes also referred to as “white line of death” (WLOD) or “white band of death” (WBOD)) . As the name suggests, witnessing something like this is no good news. If you suddenly notice a...

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Shrimp feeding on bloodworms

Freshwater Shrimp Tank Food & Nutrition Guide

In nature, most shrimp are omnivorous – feeding on algae, zooplankton, and carcasses. The main source of nutrition for “domestic” freshwater shrimp comes from cleaning up your aquarium, munching on algae and other decaying plant matter that the shrimp can scrape away from rocks. As an Amazon Associate we earn...

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Asellus aquaticus

5 reasons to add freshwater isopods to your aquarium

Asellus aquaticus, water louse, aquatic sowbug or pillbug… whatever you call them, freshwater isopods are the new cool kids in the block in the aquarist hobby. Let’s break down a list of reasons why we think you should add them to your tank! 1 Aquatic isopods are fascinating creatures Asellus...

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Asellus Aquaticus in a jarrarium tank

Jarrarium Setup for Freshwater Isopods (Asellus Aquaticus)

Freshwater isopods are rather hardy and easy to keep and therefore ideal for a jarrarium setup. You can use any glass bowl or jar with a capacity of at least 1 gallon (5 liters), with a wide enough mouth (avoid “bottlenecks” and opt for mason jar -like containers instead). I...

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