Pinto Shrimp / Galaxy Shrimp Care Sheet (Caridina Cantonensis)

Pinto is the name given to a few variations of the caridina cantonensis species. They differ from regular crystal shrimp due to their color – red or black with white patches all over (hence the name “pinto“, spanish for “spotted”). Based on the position and look of these patches, Pinto also get other names, e.g. “Pinto Belly”, “Pinto Zebra”, “Pinto Tiger”, “Pinto Cloud”, “Pinto Mosura” (after the Moth in King Kong).

Caridina Cantonensis Pinto Shrimp Caresheet

Size:1 inches (1.5 cm)
Color:Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, White
Behavior: They are very peaceful yet very voracious and on a never-ending quest for food
Aquarium: 15+ gallons (50+ liters) cycled tank (larger containers recommended)
Water:pH of 5.0-6.5, prefer soft water with low TDS
Temperature: 65-75°F (18-23°C)

Pinto Shrimp main characteristics and behavior

Pinto shrimp are sociable creatures who like to hang out in a group. They are quite peaceful and spend most of their time digging the ground in search for food.

There are actually two different types of shrimp commonly referred to as “pinto”: the German Pinto, characterized by a red or black exoskeleton with white stripes and spots all over (and sometimes they have more white spots than colored body parts); and the Taiwan Pinto, whose stripes resemble that of a tiger. A black Taiwan Pinto is sometimes also referred to as a Galaxy Pinto, and boy, these little fish are stunning (and expensive).

Pinto Shrimp for sale

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