Orange Pumpkin Shrimp / Orange Sakura Shrimp (neocaridina heteropoda var. Orange)

One of the most popular variants of cherry shrimp rocks a vivid orange color. The Orange Pumpkin Shrimp, Sunkist Shrimp or Orange Sakura shrimp is one of the newest variations of neocaridina heteropoda that was born from cross-breeding red cherry and yellow shrimp. It has been around for only about a decade, making them an ideal choice if you want to add some unique splash of color to your tank.

Neocaridina Heteropoda Shrimp Caresheet

Size:1-1.5 inches (2-3 cm)
Behavior: They are very peaceful yet very voracious and on a never-ending quest for food
Aquarium:5+ gallons (15+ liters) cycled tank
Water:pH of 6.5-7.5
prefer medium-hard water with plenty of minerals
Temperature: 68-78°F (20-25°C)

Orange Pumpkin Shrimp main characteristics and behavior

This varation is of an intense color that fluctuates from dark yellow to “pure” orange. Color aside, they are not different from other variations of cherry shrimp.

In nature, neocaridines live in large groups and during the day they tend to hide in the thick bushes of plants, under the roots or in narrow spaces in order to protect themselves from larger fish or crustacean. Because of their small size, they are a really easy prey – if you have other guests in your aquarium, it is advisable to insert adequate amounts of moss and other hiding spots for them.

Orange Pumpkin Shrimp nutrition

All varieties of cherry shrimp are decent algae eaters and also fond of decaying organic matter (from plants to worms and even other deceased fish and shrimps). You can feed them any shrimp food meant for caridines and neocaridines, as well as freshly boiled vegetables. Try to feed them food matching their natural color, so to really make it shine, such as the Shrimp King Dennerle Color Shrimp Food.

Color enhancing shrimp food

Brown, Red, Orange, YellowRedBlack, BlueWhite, Grey, Transparent

Sakura Shrimp Natural Habitat

In nature, neocaridina davidi are widespread across Southeast Asia -mainly Taiwan, southern China, Vietnam and Korea. They were more recently introduced to the Hawaiian archipelago. The orange variation has been bred by aquarists through a combination of red and yellow strains.

Orange Sakura Shrimp for Sale

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