Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp Care Sheet (Caridina Dennerli)

Caridina dennerli are often referred to as Cardinal Shrimp or Cardinal Sulawesi shrimp, as they originated from the Sulawesi lakes in Indonesia. It is a rare specimen of dwarf shrimp that rocks spectacular colorations, usually red or amaranth with scattered white spots all over the body. They are easily recognisable by their very long antennae which give them an appearance similar to that of saltwater shrimps.

Fun fact: despite being an Indonesian species, the scientific name “dennerli” comes from German venture Dennerle, who financed past research expeditions on this creature.

Caridina Dennerli Shrimp Caresheet

Size:1-1.3 inches (2-2.5 cm)
Color:Orange, Black, Blue with “tiger” stripes
Behavior: They are very peaceful yet very voracious and on a never-ending quest for food
Aquarium:10+ gallons (45+ liters) cycled tank
Water:pH of 7.2-7.4, prefer soft water
Temperature: 78-88°F (25-31°C)

Caridina Dennerli Water Parameters

Cardinal shrimp are accustomed to climatic conditions typical of the lake Matano of southern Sulawasi in Indonesia. Water temperatures are generally higher than those other species of shrimp may be used to, reaching up to 88°F (32°C). Particular care needs to be taken when performing water changes: this shrimp are somewhat fragile and do not like to be disturbed by sudden fluctuations in water parameters. It is important to keep water flow as calm as possible and only replace small amounts of water at a time, or rather wait for water to evaporate and top up the tank with new one at room temperature.

Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp Diet

In nature, Sulawesi shrimp feed on detitrus and vegetation that grows in the lake. This makes them excellent algae eaters and tank cleaners, feeding constantly on biofilm and decaying plant matter. In a well-established aquarium with plenty of live freshwater plants, you may not need to feed your cardinal shrimp at all!

Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp for sale

Cardinal shrimp are very sought-out but not easy to find due to their specific water requirements. Only recently aquarists have been able to breed these specimens in captivity and if you are planning to keep them you should look into berried caridina dennerli for sale a your local pet store. At present, we do not know of any online retailer that sells cardinal sulawesi shrimp as they are unlikely to survive shipment.


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