Stocking ideas for a 10 gallon tank setup

A 10-gallon aquarium tank is large enough to host most species of dwarf shrimp as long as the population doesn’t grow too much. You can also keep a colony of bottom-dwelling shrimp together with a small fish like betta, tetra or livebearer. Keep in mind that you will also want to place a few live freshwater plants in there, so even though it seems 10 gallons can provide plenty of room in your tank, it can get pretty crowded!

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10 Gallon Shrimp Tank

Best shrimp for 10-gallon freshwater tank

Amano shrimp and neocaridinas are an excellent choice when it comes to 10-gallon tanks: the former because of their algae-eating abilities, which will keep your vegetation from taking over the already limited space in the tank, the latter because of their minute size and coloration. Keep in mind that if you want to keep neocaridinas in a small tank, you’d better stick with one color of your choice – cross-breeding different variations will likely result in the offspring “reverting” to wild genetics with a brownish color.

The almighty Opae Ula shrimp (also known as Hawaiian Volcano Shrimp or super shrimp) is also hardy enough to keep in a nano tank environment of about any size. It’s the kind of self-sufficient shrimp that requires little to no feeding as long as there’s enough moss and algae growing in your tank. If you are keeping less sociable species of shrimp, such as ghost shrimps, then aim for no more than 5-6 specimens to reduce the risk of them assuming territorial behavior due to limited resources.

How many shrimp can I keep in a 10 gallon tank?

If you only keep shrimp in your tank, you can let a caridina or neocaridina population grow up to a 100 individuals, although it is safer to maintain the number to around 50 and keep an eye on pregnancies. Spotting many berried shrimp (i.e. female shrimp carrying eggs) is the first sign that the population is about to grow exponentially and you may need to consider moving to a larger tank. If you have less sociable species such as ghost shrimp, opt for no more than 5-6 specimens as they .

Best fish for 10-gallon community tank

When it comes to fish, keep in mind that nearly all species of fish, no matter how small, pose a risk of preying on newborn shrimp fry. Pigmy Cory and Otocinclus are two types of catfish that are the least likely to pose a threat and generally considered safe to keep together with shrimp.

Best freshwater plants for 10-gallon tank

Our selection of best live freshwater plants for shrimp tanks can be easily adapted to a 10-gallon capacity: opt for “nano” or “dwarf” varities whenever you can, but don’t stress too much about it. If you keep a large enough amount of aquarium cleaner shrimp you won’t need to worry about algae taking over all your tank space.


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