Best 3D Aquarium Backgrounds

Fish aquarium backgrounds have been around for years and come in different materials: vinyl roll, acrylic paint, “live” wall (i.e. planted moss) and carved silicone material. Tridimensional (3D) backgrounds are usually molded out of 100% silicone and other fish- and shrimp- safe materials and crushed rocks.

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Best 3d aquarium backgrounds

1. Universal Rocks Ledge Flexible 3D Aquarium Background

In a nutshell: Provides extra hiding spots and space for vegetation to grow on. A great addiction to any shrimp tank!

Available in 23 different sizes, the ledge style was created by using some natural rock Ledges from Australia and combining them together to produce what we have today. Perfect for aquariums and paludariums. Shrimp and other crustaceans, as well as small fish, love to hide under the ledges and feed on algae growing on them.

2. Juwel Aquarium Stone Background

In a nutshell: stunning mineral background that comes in two color variants: granite and clay.

With its distinctive natural granite tones and striking rock structure effect, the incredibly realistic feature emits textured tones and a three-dimensional feel to your tank, melding beautifully with the vibrant colorways of your crustaceans, fish and vegetation. Juwel structured backgrounds are extremely decorative and can really improve the internal appearance of your aquarium by providing visual depth. Choose between black granite or brown clay, these two variants both provide a distinctive illusion of depth whilst offering you a way to enhance the aesthetics of your tank with ease.

3. PiggiesC 3D Aquarium Background Rocky

In a nutshell: Hassle-free and durable, a simple solution for added aesthetics

Flexible, light weight and thin, (about 1/4″ thick) the Rocky Background is ideal for any size tank. Made from a silicone material and then covered in real crushed rock. The flexible nature allows it to be installed in any tank including those with center braces without having to cut the background. Just fold it right into the tank.


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