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Best 3d Aquarium Backgrounds for Fish Tank

Best 3D Aquarium Backgrounds

Fish aquarium backgrounds have been around for years and come in different materials: vinyl roll, acrylic paint, “live” wall (i.e. planted moss) and carved silicone material. Tridimensional (3D) backgrounds are…
How to setup shrimp tank

Freshwater Shrimp Aquarium Setup

Setting up an aquarium for shrimps and crayfish can be a lot of fun and it can be a creative and rewarding hobby. Below you will find all the tips…
Why snails are the perfect companion for shrimp

Best snails for your freshwater shrimp tank

Snails make an amazing companion pet for your shrimp tank. Not only they provide a source of entertainment for both you and your shrimp (there’s a subreddit named r/shrimpridingsnails– I…